Who is HearingLife

HearingLife is the result of some of the most experienced and professional hearing care clinicians coming together to create a hearing company committed to clinical excellence and superior customer service.

We are part of a global hearing healthcare group which focuses on hearing research and development and is a world leader in high quality solutions. This association ensures we have access to the latest high quality hearing aid technology and hearing solutions at very competitive prices.

All our Clinicians are qualified and highly trained. With a fully registered NZ Audiological Society (NZAS) audiologist in every clinic we are accredited to provide government, ACC and other funding subsidised services.

We pride ourselves on tailoring hearing solutions based on individual needs to deliver the best possible hearing health, rehabilitation and clinical outcomes.

At HearingLife

We know that hearing is more than just detecting sounds. It’s about experiencing life, connecting with family and friends and creating memories. With a commitment to clinical excellence and superior customer service. We want to bring sound to life for all our clients and we invite you to join us in achieving this goal.

Founded in 2012

18 Clinics

Over 50 Staff